Summer Childcare Programs Provide Needed Interaction

Monday, April 12th, 2021

After months spent learning virtually at home away from friends and classmates, children are ready to get back to socializing and developing a more structured routine. Building Blocks Learning Center has flexible summer childcare programs to help reconnect children and meet the needs of families this summer. This includes part-time or full-time care, before or after summer school care, and a kindergarten readiness program. Building Blocks’ structured summer childcare programs are designed to provide children with creative experiences, enlightening interaction, and education.

Structured summer programs for children

Structured summer childcare programs can be beneficial for a child of any age. It can help them develop all vital social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Most importantly, it will provide the interaction with other children that your child may have been missing this past year. No matter what your goals for your child this summer, we have a tailored program to fit those needs.

Benefits of summer childcare programs

  • Helps with the development of social skills. Children will get a chance to connect, communicate, and interact with their peers and engage with teachers. Structured summer childcare programs can help children to learn to work together. They will play, share, cooperate, resolve conflicts, and share ideas. This experience is vital to developing the social skills needed in school and life in general.
  • Encourages a sense of community. All children want to belong, and enrolling your child in a summer program can help them feel part of a larger community. It will also teach teamwork, leadership skills, and greater respect for the differences of others. This sense of community is essential after the months of remoteness that may have come as a result of the pandemic.
  • Promotes independence & builds self-esteem. Any time away from parents will help a child gain independence and a sense of their own identity. They will learn to make decisions, become more self-sufficient, and be encouraged to explore new things. They will also have an opportunity to achieve goals. This will enable them to develop self-confidence in their abilities.
  • Helps in developing a passion for learning.  Children’s summer programs nurture curiosity and can help provide children with a greater enthusiasm for school and learning.  Through creative learning experiences and exploring new ideas, they will develop an appreciation for education and acquiring new skills.
  • Teaches determination. An essential skill for children to learn is to overcome challenges and not give up. Structured summer childcare programs can help a child develop a greater belief in their abilities and provide them with the self-confidence they need to overcome obstacles.
  • Introduces new activities. Structured daycare and summer childcare programs can expose children to new interests. This might include music, art, games of skill, or sports. A new activity or hobby learned in a summer program might become a passion for life.
  • Promotes growth. Children will have the freedom to play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. They will learn important life lessons that will help them build confidence and make lasting friendships.
  • Encourages physical activity. Active play is a big benefit for overall health and well-being. Enrolling your child in a summer program or summer daycare will encourage them to stay active and involved, rather than staying inside connected to devices or video games.

Enrolling your child in a summer program

Children never forget the meaningful friendships, positive interactions, and experiences that come with a summer childcare program. this includes exciting weekly activities, creatively themed events, sports, clubs, and more. Your child will remain engaged and connected to peers in a consistent and safe environment all summer long. At Building Blocks Learning Center, we provide an ideal atmosphere for children to grow and thrive. Our summer childcare programs, daycare, before and after summer school care, and pre-kindergarten readiness programs are conveniently located in Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, and Mountain Top. We can tailor a program to fit our individual childcare needs.

Enroll your child or learn more about Building Blocks Summer Programs by calling 570-793-1725 or by submitting an information request online at

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