Toddler Programs

1 Year Old Exploratory Program

During this time of your child’s development, they are gaining independence and exploring their environment. In our structured toddler programs, we encourage that exploration with creative, hands-on sensory experiences.

  • Giving toddlers the courage and confidence to explore their world
  • Instilling curiosity
  • Provide a safe environment that encourages children to experiment
  • Teaching routines and repetition in structure 
  • Consistency in approach and reinforcing appropriate behaviors
  • Variety of hands on/sensory material and activities

2 Year Old Cooperative Program

Our curriculum for our Cooperative Toddler Programs helps to build the groundwork for sharing, cooperation, as well as the development of healthy routines and a love of learning. We encourage creativity and imagination.

  • Building foundational skills: relating to others, time management, completion of a task, focus, developing a sense of self and a response to others (children and adults)
  • The development of social skills: listening, sharing, cooperation and communication
  • The introduction of small group activities 
  • Patience skill building

Developing a sense of independence

Our toddler programs are designed to introduce a child to more balanced learning environment with developmental milestones in mind. Nurturing, playtime and organized learning activities are combined to help enhance your toddler’s social, emotional, academic, cognitive and developmental growth.

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Our carefully designed childcare, educational, daycare, and before and after school programs are focused on providing the highest quality care while building a strong foundation for intellectual and emotional development. Our programs help to maximize the individual learning experience while encouraging and assisting your child in their journey to reach their full potential.

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