New Years Resolutions For Families

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

The start of a new year is the perfect time to teach your children about making resolutions for self-improvement. It’s a fun way to have them take part in choosing ways they’d like to better themselves throughout the year. There are many resolutions you can make individually and together as a family as well. This is a great lesson to teach children at an early age. Best of all, resolutions are something your entire family can share. Keep in mind they should always be specific and achievable. For instance, steer clear of something vague like “I will read more.” Rather be precise, such as “I resolve to read 1 book each week.” Rather than “I will eat healthier,” choose “I will eat vegetables with dinner every night.” Very specific resolutions are easier to remember, to focus on and to achieve. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Ten New Years Resolutions for Kids & Families

  1. We will help mom with the dishes every night.
  2. I will limit myself to only 1 soda per week.
  3. I will try a new activity this year, such as a new sport, a new class or a new hobby. Be ready to help your child explore options if this resolution is selected.
  4. We will volunteer as a family in our community. (Work together as a family to select specific volunteer activities that interest you).
  5. If I see any bullying, I will tell an adult immediately.
  6. Do an act of kindness for someone. Visit a friend who can’t get out, help a neighbor, etc.
  7. We will limit ourselves to 1 hour of TV or electronics after dinner and use the extra time to play family games or do a family activity.
  8. I will make a new friend. This is a great resolution for adults as well as children!
  9. We will take a long walk, hike or a bike ride as a family every weekend to get more fresh air and exercise.
  10. I will read one extra book each month. Another great resolution. If your children are too young to read on their own, read that extra book to them. Reading is a great habit for them to develop. 

We hope the above suggestions give you an idea of some resolutions you can work on as a family and some that you can help your children to work on. Make deciding on resolutions an activity for the entire family, so everyone can have input. You can select one individual resolution for each of you and perhaps one for the entire family. Kindness is a resolution that we all strive for and that we encourage. We hope that you can somehow throw that into the mix as well. Teach your children about kindness and encourage them to really focus on being kind to everyone this year. At Building Blocks Learning Center and childcare, we believe these early years are the most important in building a strong foundation for your child’s development and education. Learn all about our educational programs for children, as well as our childcare and daycare options at or follow us on Facebook.


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